Buying Old Domain

Is it safe and a good option to buy old domain for page ranking? Was it being practiced before?

I think it worth to buy Old Domain with PR, just make sure to check the domain history, it should be clean.

Buy it! If its related to your niche it is well worth it for the such a small price.

Don’t assume that it will bring it’s PR/links with it unless you’re going to use in the same context it was used before.

I guess its a good option, but the domain name must suits your niche and needs.Also price is a big factor.

Ya… Old is gold like that age always matters for a domain. And also Google and other SE really has importance to these sites. But before that check whether you are buying the relevant domain for your business…

But I don’t think u will get the same ranking as old domain had just now, Google will reset the old domain ranking into normal and u must start again from the beginning

I would never buy a site based purely on PR. This is because PR can be manipulated or the links from which the PR is gained may change or Google may change the relevance of PR. Any good assessment should be based upon this as one of a number of factors, such as SERPS rankings, traffic, domain age, pr and the market niche into which you are entering

Thank you all for your insights. I searched my site on google today and i found out that it was gone from page 2 to nowhere. i looked it up on google search results and it is there so no way i could have been banned. what could have happened? any ideas please…

Rubbish! Providing that the existing inbound links are retained, they will continue to pass some kind of search engine benefit and traffic (potentially, anyway).

As you haven’t said, I’m guessing that you went ahead and bought the domain between your first post and this one? Assuming you did: have you kept all the old pages that used to exist?

Even if you haven’t missed anything, rankings go up and down as a matter of course.

age always matters for a domain.

Only in that it has had more time to accrue more backlinks IMO.

I have always had good experience with old domain, it’s really amazing the difference they can make to your ranking but it’s always difficult to get one that’s fit for the purpose of your site