10 year old domain VS brand new domain, or 301?

I have a small business and a website to go with it. Both the company and the domain name is 10 years old now, however I would like to bring the business including changing the domain name.

Does domain age really matters that much to your SEO with Google or be acceptable to phase out the old domain name next year for my new domain name?

Or is there any wise suggestions on how to best handle this situation such as keep the old domain name but forward it to the new domain (301)?

Is there any need to change the domain, I think you should continue with the old domain itself it has some self value; moreover I think your clients are also accustomed with the domain name. So it is better to continue with the same.

301 redirect is the best idea when compared to move the new domain. Old domain got page rank, and lots of visitors visited the site so not to lose that. Googlebot will understand that the move is permanent and that Google should start indexing the new domain instead.

[font=calibri]If you have a good reason for rebranding the website (eg, you are rebranding the company as well, or the domain name is confusing or awkward) then it’s perfectly reasonable to put it on a new domain – but it’s vital that you put a 301 redirect on every page on the old site, pointing to the most relevant page on the new site. If you’re keeping the same folder and URL structure then you can use pattern matching, but if you’re changing the site architecture then I’m afraid you’ll just need to sort them all out individually.

The 301 redirects are there for two reasons – first, so that Google updates its index and transfers the rankings you had on your old site across to the new one – and second so that anyone who has your old site bookmarked or comes across an old link can still get to your site rather than being presented with a dead page. Ideally, you would keep the redirects on forever (which does mean incurring the cost of running two domains, but that shouldn’t be too expensive!).

If Google can see the continuity from the old site to the new one then, while you might experience a temporary dip in rankings and traffic while it sorts its index out, in the medium to long term you shouldn’t have any ill effects.[/font]

I did this. My site had over 600 pages. I changed the folder/URL structure so just 301 redirected all old pages to my new home page. The old site had a PR of 3. Over a year later my new site still has a PR of 0. So in theory yes. But in practice not yet.

First, is that actual PR, or reported PR? Because don’t forget that the data Google releases can often be quite some way behind what they are actually using.

Second, has it affected your rankings? PR is a pretty meaningless measure, and Google’s algorithm is much more complicated than that. It’s perfectly possible to have great rankings with PR0, and it’s rankings that matter.

Hello. From what I know google recalcs PR quarterly. SERPS are ok. Not good enough though to give me that answer. Advertisers still do use PR heavily though. That’s my main concern.