Work Setup

I am starting out in web design, my goal is to land a career in web design (I am 24 at the moment)

Just looking for some inspiration in people’s work setup, especially photos. I have a huge notice board at my desk and would love to have some photos of people’s work setup to allow me to visualise what I’m working towards!

Bit weird asking for photos of people’s work setup/desk but thought there might be people out there that want to show off their great offices!

Where’s yours? :wink:

Sure, why not…

I’ve worked in a ton of offices, and my setup has usually been consistent throughout.

Two to three monitors, either plugged into a desktop machine or a laptop. At the moment I have a laptop (on a riser), a widescreen monitor (again, on a riser), and a wireless keyboard and mouse plugged in.

Work machines are fairly consistent throughout offices, but where things get different is in the tech stack in the office. There are a few dev servers on the floor here, and a backup machine. We’ve also got a stereo hooked up to a tablet running Spotify, so we can either listen to the radio or put on some tunes.

Mine is very simple at the moment, a Macbook Pro and a Bose Sound dock for music!

Also uploaded a photo of the notice board, always use it for inspiration.

Thanks for the photo of yours, is a split screen between your Macbook Pro and monitor?

Not all that different :slight_smile: Used to have a bigger office with whiteboard - small but nicely formed office has meant that became paper and pen :smiley:

Yep, split, but I operate as two desktops (with 4 “virtual” ones). Swiping between 4 different environments is nice. I have Comms (Asana, Zoho, Mail, Skype and Calendar) in environ one, Code editor, debug browser, ftp client and a couple of open finders in environ two. Photoshop in eniron three, and “fun browser”, itunes and other stuff in environ four. Have a fifth toward the end of projects with virtual box and a tonne of browsers up to test.

Looking forward to upgrading to Mavericks (after an update or two :wink: as I like the sound of the new screen management :slight_smile: