What does your desk look like?

Mine looks like this today



I think someone was trying to get my attention that day… :confused:


Not very interesting, but note two cool toys…

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Couple months ago:

Nothing much here either. When I took this job my boss, who dislikes small screens, forced this 40" television upon me. As a countermeasure, I maxed the resolution… so that it’s almost like having two smaller monitors… not really, but I get my real estate back and less of a headache. /shrug nothing much else to see.

Yes, I like sweet tea for breakfast.

My desk is currently tucked away in a corner, but with a nice window view out to the left.

Little cluttered right now. Those 3 pages on the right wall is coding jokes :smiley:

What I would like to see is someone using more than two monitors on one computer and the best product for accomplishing that. I just cannot make up my mind with some of the USB products I have seen. LOL I’m too cheap to try unknown products.

I must applaud everyone (except me) that your desks are very neat. I’m a pig.

I have 3 monitors on one computer… one DVI input (primary monitor) and a DisplayPort that extends the two other monitors.

I used to have 3 but now I have 2 monitors. The reason is that I had to change my graphic card and the new one doesn’t have a vga connector. And my third monitor is old.

I use a laptop and I hate having to use this small dinky screen. I am a developer and NOT a gamer so having three monitors is my preference.

Sorry for the deviation OP…back to the pics everyone! I’m enjoying them. :smiley:

I wish I had 3. Sometimes two just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. One for the live view, one for notepad, and I need another for my e-mail or miscellaneous tabs (Sitepoint :smiley: )

My office/cube. I like my window. People make fun of me because I don’t have papers everywhere, but I store everything digitally.

Mine could be said to be 3 monitors on one comp. The iMac then 2 external monitors (mini display to DVI) I can also send it to my TV via Airplay (Apple TV) and the iPad via AirDisplay, but I rarely do this.