What's Yah Desktop

Post your current desktops :slight_smile:

(mine: )

I can’t post the picture; that is, I won’t post a picture of my kids online. But my desktop is a beautiful, artistic, black & white full screen photo of my kids and me flying a kite last summer. Makes me smile every time I sit down at my computer.

Vista style original

I try to keep things simple for me. I have a second monitor I connect but it doean’t have anything on it worthwhile.

[URL=“http://www.furnation.com/Logic_Earth/sitepoint/desktop/Jun_08/desktop_full.png”]Click to enlarge.

Mine is the Dell default desktop for Windows XP.
Nice desktop, by the way!

Mine’s a photo of part of my school grounds, from my last few days (although I’ll return for 6th Form).

in 2:1 ratio for convenience.


C’mon guys… you can’t all be “gray”.


3.55am Shaun? :eek:


Damn right. Isn’t insomnia fun?


Kind of old school here–no wallpaper, just a black background.

Isn’t insomnia fun?

Judging by my experience (and quite a few others’), Sitepoint is the creator of insomniacs. We gotta love it!

Pfft, I eat dinner at 3.55am

My mess:

I didn’t think daemon’s ate at all?

Mine’s messier than yours…cleaning it up is also on my ever growing list of things to do one day:

I had a few minutes and a yearning to do some vector work…?!

Hey! No sheep pr0n allowed on these here forums. We is professioniles! :smiley:
This is my work desktop - not too exciting at the moment…

Love the desktop Spike! I take it you use two monitors?

I keep my desktop as clutter-free as possible. In fact, anything cluttered on my computer will be uncluttered less than 5 minutes after noticing (apart, of course, from the naturally-cluttered windows OS software).

We all have our “OCD”'s - mine’s with my Laptop. If there’s too many windows open, I close them. If there’s alot of stuff in my documents or my desktop, I sort them into folders and move them (or delete them). If I read a PHP file written by someone else, I usually find myself tab-indenting properly, organising the braces, turning un-needed double-quotes to single.
If I copy a large amount of text, after pasting it I feel the need to copy a space character, just to keep my Cut/copy/paste memory clean.

I feel a new thread is on it’s way… :rofl:

LOL! Might edit it and include that Dave!

Yep, 2 Biiiig ones :slight_smile:

Haha, know that feeling!

my desk top is a picture of a beach that once you looked at it, you want to go there…