Desktop OR Laptop?

Was just curious about which one you guys use to do your work on?

I’ve been trying to decide now for a while and am thinking about using the laptop mainly for coding and design since it is portable.

Which do you guys use to get work done? And which do you use for play?

I use my desktop for play and for work. If you are a heavy user like me (16 hours daily) better go with a desktop. I also have a laptop so I can also do my work when I go out.

I’ve completely given up with desktops and work solely on laptops anymore. The flexibility is just plain better.

I do have a laptop but never use it for my main work.

I still use a desktop and will continue doing so for now as there still are a few heavy-duty tasks where a high-end power horse desktop performs better than a high-end laptop.

If I were only doing coding jobs and average design tasks, then my laptop would have sufficed.

I primarily use my desktop but do have a laptop that I use occasionally if I’m away from the desktop. :slight_smile:

These days, laptops are AS powerful as any desktop machine (below going to server level). The only real difference is the cost, a workhorse style laptop will be much more expensive than a desktop. I use my laptop for everything these days, including compiling millions of lines of source code. :slight_smile:

That laptops are getting close in terms of power, yes. That they are categorically AS powerful as desktops, no.

I honestly use both desktops and laptops for everything that I do. My desktops are used for the majority of my main work and gaming while I have a high-end ASUS laptop for mobility. I think by having both you are more versatile in what work can be done.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Based on your responses and my own deep thoughts I think I’m going to go ahead and use the laptop for work and either use VPN, DropBox, or a USB drive to keep things in sync. Also, since my PC is basically already set-up as a time-waster, I think I’ll keep it that way which should save me a lot of time as well. What do all do to keep your stuff in sync?

I use Dropbox.

Yep, I use Dropbox as well.