Wordpress to PHP conversion

Hi friends,

I have a 6 months old website on wordpress and there are around 5000 posts on my website. Is there any way that i can create backup of all posts till now because i am getting my website developed in PHP and i don’t want to lose all my data and start again from starting. Please tell me if there is any way to do it.Thanks in advance. Waiting for your replies.

There are several plugins that make a backup of your WP database for you (and maybe they even built that standard in the latest WP version?)

Getting the data from that backup in your new site is something else. I guess you’d better have that done by the same people that are developing your new (custom made?) database/website.

So the developers from which I am developing my website i should contact them to import all my data from wordpress to my customized site in PHP? Database will be mysql.

I think so, yes. Unless they’ll give you all the technical documentation about the new database, and you have the technical know-how to import the WP-format data in the new database.

ok, i will ask them if they can do it if they can’t do it what should i do as its a lot of data and my 6 months work which i don’t wanna lose anyhow.