How can i back up wordpress blog including images


I am running a WP blog on a test site, normally i simply re-install the blog by emptying the database. But my client has put in loads of posts whilst testing the site and i need to backup. These posts contain images etc see the link below:

How can i do this?

Please advice…


You can do it from Cpanel as a full backup or from FTP. Those are the usual ways. I haven’t seen any plugins for a file backup, only DB backup plugins.

Can it be done in phpMyAdmin itself? I have looked at this tutorial…

But it tells me i cannot save images etc??

Alternatively, copy the wp-content and uploads folders yourself

You can check out this post which has 6 video tutorials . Including Phpmyadmin method.

I have heard of a plugin “backup buddy” but i think its a paid plugin but reviews are good.

I assumes you have already installed MySQL Admin and set it up so that you can login to the MySQL Database Server either locally or remotely. or use “backup buddy”