Need to backup wordpress database


I have a blog on (from a long time ago!). Their website has been down for a few days and I am getting nervous.

I have backed up all my files.

However I need to backup my database. I cant get access to my cpanel as the site is down.

Can I backup just my database from within wordpress?

What I want to do is move it to another host, but I want to make sure I get the database ASAP.

Just be clear, you can get to your wordpress website !? if Yes, just use any Backup Plugin and Get Your Database.

If you can’t get to your website nor to your Hosting Cpanel i don’t think you can do something !!


I can still access the site. I’ve managed install a plugin and i got a .sql file backed up. Is this all I need along with all the content files off ftp?

In order to transfert your website to another hosting, you will need to re-install Wordpress + Adding Your Theme + Adding the Plugins you used + The Database. Like that you will not lose anything…


Am I right in thinking inhave to create a new database and user?

Then import the .sql file into this database and upload?

To migrate files and database on new server, you first need to do a backup of the existing site. You can use this plugin

The whole process looks like this:

  1. transfer files to the new server
  2. transfer the database
  3. create a new user to the database
  4. change information in wp-config.php (write new data to connect to the database)
  5. do search and replace in the database, to replace the old urls (use this script