Wordpress Backup Plugin (DB + WP files) recommendation


I’m looking out for a new Wordpress backup plugin which will nicely backup not only the Database but also the files (WP core + plugins + themes, etc).

I found out the hard way that the one I was using wasn’t quite working properly and truncated the posts on a restore.

My shortlist:


  • Backs up DB (tags + posts + categories + pages + menus + settings/config + etc.)
  • Backs up WP files (WP Core + themes + plugins, etc.)
  • Scheduling (would be nice)
  • Ability to upload via FTP or send via email (would be nice)

All seem to well used and recently updated. Any recommendations with any of these? Any experiences - especially with having had to do a restore?

Thanks very much.

Just to mention that I tried BackWPUp and it seems to work well on WP 3.1.0.

Backed up from live server and restored on development machine.


I use this to backup the database and download it: WordPress › WP-DB-Backup « WordPress Plugins

And for the files, I simply go to my host’s file browser, zip up my wordpress folder, and download it.