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Hi, I need your help with choosing a theme. I need a website that has a product page (I want to showcase products and not sell them), has a blog and has a business / consulting page where buyers can pick one of 3 plans and buy them.
Any advice?

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Hi time4suit, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

To find a suitable theme depends of factors you maybe haven’t sorted yet. :slight_smile:

To get an idea what you want you could explore the theme collection at https://wordpress.com/themes to find some examples that match your criteria.

Then check out the examples to find out if they could fit your ideas how you plan to use your site.

Before any decision you search for reviews and user comments for that particular theme.

Just my two cents so far. :sweat_smile:

Check ‘Avada’ theme for WordPress platform since it has ready-made sub-templates to load which might be an easy solution. Check Themeforest also for themes. Select one based on reviews and appearance depending on the stye you want.

There are many WordPress themes that you can install and with that you may install an additional plugin, WooCommerce. With that plugin you can list out products to sell or create your eCommerce kinda page. Just for listing products, you can create layout based pages with Gutenberg Blocks also with any good quality WordPress themes

There are literally thousands of themes to choose from.
People will usually recommend themes they have used themselves.
But almost any theme will do what you want!

WP lets you create posts (date stamped items, blog items) and pages (no date stamp).
You typically add posts to keep the content fresh, with older ones being pushed down the list. Pages are generally a bit more constant, with bits edited over time if necessary, but the pages are accessed from a menu, usually, which displays links to every page. Rather than a long list the way posts work

You want a product page?
That would be a page with a set of blog posts in the category products, or a set of images of products with links to a page or post about that item. You might use a plug-in to select and list just these product posts. I’ve used ContentView to do this. It can create a series of pages each on a different subject using the category of the post. Every theme can create pages.

You want a blog section?
That’s just a list of posts in WP, usually displayed in chronological order with the most recent post first. Every theme can do this!

You want a business page to sell things from?
That’s a page with things for sale on it. And some way of collecting the money.

It’s important to remember that once you have a theme, you have to learn how it works, to get the appearance you see in its advert. You could spend ages experimenting with its interface to find and try all its options. Yet it is perfectly possible to take a simple theme and add plug-ins to get the appearance you want.

Then there are WP page builders (sort of superplug-ins), which let you customise every page layout, although duplicating a page’s layout and then altering its contents to create a new page is much more normal than making every page look totally different. Just check what happens to your content if you decided to uninstall the page builder to switch to a better one - some delete your content, others leave the content and just removing the code that creates the layout. You do NOT want the type that delete your content, yet some get good reviews that just casually mention this dreadful weakness.


I suggest you chose a theme that is Compatible with page Builders like ELEMENTOR, this option will enable you to customize your website in anyway you want. I’m using a theme that is Compatible with the elementor on my website.

I’m really happy whit pagebuilders.

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