Request Theme suggestions

I am building my first WP site and figured I could just go with an available theme for the first time around. Just to get used to the platform.

Ideally, it should:

  1. Be highly customizable as far as look and feel (colors, images, fonts)
  2. Have Shopping Cart/Checkout availabilty or maybe I could just use a compatible plugin.
  3. Have good support (since I will be learning).
  4. Does not need to be a free theme.


There’re plenty of premium good looking ecommerce themes for wordpress. Just google :slight_smile:

Yes, that was my first step, the problem is there are too many. I was hoping there was a tried and true template that people seemed to favor.

It is just for a small business too, some of the ones I have seen are overkill. Thanks for the reply I will just sort through them and grab one.