Wordpress theme advice

Hi all,

I’m hoping you guys might have some excellent expert advice for me!

I want to build a website which contains the following elements:

Rss feed for articles (WP RSS Aggregator)
Jobs board (WP Jobs board)
Guest posting option so guests can post articles for a small fee but they can be rejected/reverted for editing if necessary. (WP Front End - most likely although I’m struggling to get it to do exactly what I want)
A shop that sells relevant items relating to the site (possibly through Amazon)

Is there a theme that you know of that would comfortably hold all these elements without everything conflicting and causing me hell? (As is currently happening with my current theme which is now a couple of years old)

I’m happy to pay for a premium theme but I’d like to be sure first that it will be ft for purpose.



You can find a range of wordpress themes at themeforest.com

There you will find different theme vendors and themes for various purposes. I use a theme called Click Mag for my blog.

Thanks I’ll take a look

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