Wordpress My Own style.css (is it ok)

Hi all,
I am new here and in the world of wordpress development. I have a query to ask.
I have modifies a theme, twentyfourteen by myself, so:
(1) is it fine to modify the default themes?
(2) Because I can modify the style.css gives me the full control where to put what even the plugins is this right for developing simple/commercial level websites and not for blogging. What I have done is that I have completely disabled the Headers with titel, main-menu and also modified lots of areas there by laying out my own design. I have taken care of Responsive nature as well.

Please do help me as I have just entered in this world of web development. I

A better alternative would be to create a child theme to override the default theme. That way when the default theme gets updated your changes will still be there instead of being overwritten by the update.

Thanks for your reply feigall:
I am new and have read about the Child Theme. No doubt that is a very good suggestion. But my core question remains there. Let say I use the child theme will that be good for me to style the way I want. Because this will an independence. Is it fine?

Thanks again. I have done it with the Child Theme. Wow!. Now I am going to work with few games with CSS trics with headings/navigations and then switching over to the PHP+MySQL the actual bandwagon or a saddle of the horse. Need firm control as already had ventured this some 12 months ago. I have tweaked two plugins so far without looking at any PHP support at all, not even Google.

Again is Child-Theme approach is correct or right for me to ventrue for project hunting?

right now am a big fan of http://underscores.me/ that way you can create your own theme.
I think i’d rather use that over child themes.
As for your future project i think both child & own themes will have their places depending on your needs and as you grown more skilled in your coding

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