Checking in - need guidance

Hi guys - I notice the new forums don’t have a WordPress specific area, so I assume it’s here.

I have been diving in and out of webdesign for sometime, coming here and getting amazing help. I am working on some pretty cool stuff at work, and getting thrown in the deep end a lot. I have a Wordpress site my my personal blog here:

It is going well and I am using the child theme well to adjust my own styles, however I want to learn more about WordPress, in particular themes. My little one is 10 months old now so I don’t have as much time as i would like, and I was doing the thematic tutorials for building a theme but kind of lost inspiration. Is this the best way forward? One thing that bugs me is that I don;t really know how to modify the PHP generated HTMl in a site. I want to know that. I just want to get better at wordpress in general.

so can you point me in the right direction? Please take a look at my site and offer any suggestions. I just ran a HTML validation kit over my site and I have a number of errors in there.

I think on of the reasons I stopped working on themes is due to the the WordPress forums seemingly losing a lot of a support. I just found people were not responding to my posts despite going in and helping others myself, and proving background and content to my posts.

Another thing I want to learn about is driving traffic to my site. It’s really just a space for me to muck around but I woudl love to get more hits. I get about 60 when I post now using facebook.

Finally, facebook, plugin will not allow me to see who recommends the page. it is called WP-Facebook Like This and I’ve checked the settings.


Cheers love Sitepoint.


I spent some time browsing through your website. It has good content but the layout is kind of lazy looking. The theme is just too basic. You might want a more elaborate theme with more options to maintain your viewers. Try theme forest for some themes that could be useful for your blog. It’s worth to spend a couple extra bucks if it really makes your theme shine. That’s just my $0.02 though.

To modify your PHP you have to modify the CSS files on your template. You should find it in the wp-content/themes/themename folder.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I thought I replied to this. Damn it. Agree 100% re theme. I don’t want to use someone else theme, I want to build my own. I am using the thematic framework and need to get my but into action an modify some templates and create my own theme out of it.

I am using a child theme to control css. Thanks for taking a look:)