Wordpress comments

so i am working on my site now and I got an html template I want to convert into a wordpress template. I have the template for how the comments and comment form to appear but how do I correctly translate it into wordpress?


I know it requires comments.php file for that but I am not sure how exactly would i convert it.

here is the html code to that page:


You actually have to break your html template up into bits to turn it into a WP template. Some of the code goes into header.php, some into index.php, some into sidebar.php and some into footer.php—depending on how your site is structured.

The code for the comments is (I think from memory) on the index.php page of your theme. So all you need to do is build whatever divs etc you want around that code, and then add styles via CSS.

I wrote a little piece on my experiences with this, in case it’s of use.

Its actually a fairly simple process once you come to terms with it (well you can make it as complicated as you like TBH).

The way I learnt how to do it, was to download an existing free theme or a theme framework and just read through their code. Eventually its just a matter on putting the rights tags in the right places as ralph.m said.

It has a very systematic naming system also. For example:

index.php (homepage)
sidebar.php (sidebar)
footer.php (footer)
functions.php(This can be used to accomplish quite alot, however, in its basic form it can create your dynamic widgets :slight_smile: )
style.css (This is your css file associated with your theme)

As for a the comments, you can create your own page for that or just incorporate it into your index, if I’m not mistaken.

i have knowledge of wordpress to know it has to be broken up, i done a website already but i never done the comment and comment form part. i just need help with that specifically.

Well I suggest you follow this tutorial : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wordpress/how-to-create-a-wordpress-theme-from-scratch/

and / or just download a basic theme and browse through their comments code, as I mentioned earlier.