Easiest way to take a custom HTML template to WP Theme

Is there a Wordpress theme you use as a base template?

  1. I find most of my templates have a unique homepage image, and the rest of the pages are essentially the same. Any reccomendations for a theme that is easy to skin?

  2. I found an online tutorial on how to make your own WP theme in its simplest form. I created an index, header and footer PHP file and it worked great. Then some addons weren’t working, and discovered i needed a wp_head() or whatever tag in my header.php file. Now I am trying to show comments in my custom theme, what is the best way to pull that in?

In short, I am looking for the easiest solution/theme/whatever to wrap the content of wordpress in custom HTML from head to the body and content div, and then to the end of the content div and footer. But I have to open multiple files and read through commented code. Any tricks?

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you should know a little about PHP code, then just insert PHP loop code to index, a basic WP Theme can be done

I think you have to just go through the code and change it as you please. I had to change my site to a wordpress site. I copied all of the aspects into a word document and then I just added them to wordpress one by one. Very time consuming but it was better than having to go through the whole website code.