Question about comments.php in wordpress?

hi guys , I make a web site template with Html and CSS and jQuery , Now I convert that to php . I do that almost! I have a problem in comment.php .

I want to make comment section with php and css and html , but I can’t do that ! alway I have some problems about codes , what can I make a comment.php?

Can you explain what sort of problems you are having?

I can’t make comment.php ! because I don’t know How can I do that !
I need a tutorial for ‘How to make comment section or How to make comment.php for single page in wordpress’ do you have tutorials for that ?

The Wordpress Codex, which I see you’ve already looked at, is the place to go for instruction on creating WP themes.

Another way would be to use Eddie Macado’s bones template.

I have moved this to the WordPress forum as it is about WP theme development.


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You can take one of the default themes as a starting point – twentyfifteen has a pretty basic comments.php for instance. Then start playing around with it to see what the different functions do, and always refer to the codex for details.

As for tutorials, a quick search for “wordpress comments.php” will actually point you to quite a few related resources which might serve you as a starting point as well.

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Perhaps just create a child theme based on your chosen default theme and then you will get all the changes applied to that default in the future applied automatically.

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