Wordpress as a CMS Platform for websites

There seems to be quite a few SEO Webdesigners now using wordpress as the platform for a website they are using it as there CMS system and also on there properties and they believe that it is giving there clients a real edge with Google from an SEO point of View

Your post just illustrates why SEO based web designers love it especially if they come from a blogging background.

However Id love to know how it would work on a real estate site with a 100,000 properties and 110,000 pages

WP certainly makes it quick and easy to get a site up and running that has some of the fundamentals of SEO in place right from the get go. If you then add plugins and/or a theme like Thesis, which are specifically designed to tweak SEO elements, you can have a really well optimised CMS up and running within minutes.

To use the words of the webdesigners who are using it they say Google is just sucking up the pages from our wordpress based sites.

Our experience is that the Google alerts basically are 95% wordpress based content

…and there are a lot who use different CMS’s :slight_smile:

The actual CMS play no part in “SEO”, but a well coded CMS together with well written content always helps.