Wordpress and SEO

Any connection of wordpress and SEO?

I mean that i found many wordpress website on the TOP of Google SERP with very less back links.
I cant understand why but i felt that wordpress is Good of SERP

Am i right?

OUt the box it’s fairly SEO friendly. Add on a plugin such as Yoast SEO then it’s pretty good, but it’s like anything. A well optimised static site with plenty of backlinks will outrank a rubbish Wordpress Site with not many backlinks

Yes, you are absolutely right.Word Press is the best platform for SEO, it will be very easy to get ranked on top of the search engine if you installed word press onto your website.[URL=“http://www.e-commerce-website-development.com/”]


This has been stated millions of times for years, and it’s nothing more than common sense. The platform doesn’t matter, all that matters is the content.

yeah… content, content and contenttt…

Well, it is not necessary that if a website is ranking high, its sole reason is backlinks…
There are many other factors that play a crucial role.

And, as such, Google not give any special preference to any platform. Its just how well you are utilizing the platform for optimizing your website.

Wordpress offers a huge set of plugins which helps a lot in optimizing websites.

sure, wordpress has the most powerful seo plugin to get hosted sites ranke well in google.if the website content is good quality and original.It will get a very good SERP in gogle even though it doesn’t have many backlinks itself.

This may be true, but these plugins themselves will not guarantee that your site is optimal. More often than not, despite being a blogging platform, WordPress is used as a CMS for people who don’t know how to build a website correctly and decide to hack a standard template to pieces.

If you use WordPress correctly then it can work wonders, but if you’re capable of such things then the plugins are nothing special as it’s all functionality and design you should be able to easily replicate.

Yes you’re right wordpress is good of SERP and it is really help SEO i also encounter that.sorry i can’t help you to that…:frowning:

It’s a SEO friendly and purely blogging platform. Mostly people will use this for blogging. Daily updates, unique content will give you better ranking. Thats way wordpress sites will display on page-1 some times.

Wordpress is pretty SEO friendly out of the box and, with some plugins and, as others mentioned: GOOD CONTENT, you can see serious improvements. It’s simple to use and very versatile too, this is why many use it for ‘non-blog’ sites too.

I feel as wordpress is a very user-friendly CMS, it become very easy to optimize every page of a website and to add all those SEO ingredients which normally miss or their developer miss them.

Wordpress and a good source of good content. It has also many features that the search engine will easily crawl the site.

As a web developer we prefer this CMS to use.

Because there are a lot of Wordpress sites but Wordpress doesn’t give you an advantage, as always, it’s off-site signals that matter the most.

I guess if your just starting out wordpress is great but so many sites out there use wordpress that even with the great seo plugins that they probably all use you cant all be top of the searches results.

So content is king but wordpress can help you save some time.