Already increase the SEO, but no effect

hi guys, im using wordpress to create my website, and i try to make every page of the SEO to become green color, by using the plugin that wordpress provide.

There show me when increase the SEO can make it my website have greate search on google, or search engine. but it look like does not any effect from the google webmaster analysis and already have 3 month something of this website.

May i know what is the problem? or the wordpress SEO plugin is not good enough? i also have do research on google, but almost same as the evaluation that wordpress provide.

beside that, how to make the website SEO og google appear on 1st page, i keep on behind page so long already. Sometimes on 13 pages, sometimes on pages 2 sometime never appear, this make me confuse.

can search the website that i create by using google by typing, “golden dandelion trading”
if u can search it then just direct search website

after u refer it please tell me what is the problem, i already send the email, to google and wordpress they keep tell me is SEO problem…

The SEO wordpress can be help when optimizing your website internally. You still have to work out your off-page optimization such as building quality links and providing unique and interesting contents to users.

Also you may check your images if they have alt tags, your site’s headings such as H1 and H2 tags. How fast is your websites loading time. Building links for your website isn’t that easy and it takes a lot of work you may consult and ask for the help of some experts in SEO marketing.

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it is normal problem with so many site holders, I mean all the websites are facing the same problem, or we can say that there is a lot of competition on many single keywords, so a too much competition is there for every website.
so you have to be very careful fir getting the traffic or ranking of your website.
keep the following point in mind:-
1.Quality content always matters in the ranking.
2.the speed of your website is also a main factor.
3.the SEO techniques which you are using are useful or not, if not then change your strategies, if yes then check your quality.
4.the engagement on all the trending social platform is always required.!!
5.the analysis works is also too much required.

A quick look at your site, @kyon, suggests that you have very little content in the form of text. This is what Google and other search engines look for to index. They will show the most relevant pages in search results, and they do that by matching the text on the page to the search terms.

If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend you look at Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

Where you use images, you should always provide alt text for visitors unable to view them - either because of visual impairment or because the image has not loaded for some reason. Doing so will also help search engines, as they can “read” the alt text and understand what the image is about. This article will explain more about alt text:

You should also validate your code. There are a lot of errors there, which may make it more difficult for search engines to spider and index your pages correctly.

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Automated SEO plugins and checkers may help to some extent, but often on-page SEO does also require the human touch.

Alt text is a good example. Some SEO checkers will tell you it’s missing, or may be satisfied if they are present. But when they are present, a machine may not be able to identify if the text is suitable to the image. Some people just put any old text into the alt text, like “picture”, “photo” or “logo” and the checker says it’s OK, just because it says something. What it should say is something meaningful and descriptive of the image.

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Hi Kyon I am running website from last one and half year

The things which affect your SEO Ranking are

Good Content
Site Load time

However there are lots of factors on which google rely on. but you can start with these.
Backlinks means the links to your website from another website. The more backlinks you have your search result would be rank better on google ranking.
However you should avoid Spam and garbage backlinks. They can lead to harm your google ranking and you may trigger penalty from google’s algo.
You can check for your backlinks at webmaster panel or can refer to sites like backlinko or openprofiler.

good content is always a must for rankings. you should make long contents. they help in keeping the keyword density to optimum and also increase the page time. which will cost you reduction in bounce rate and more user engagement.
To write good content focus on the trend and first research about that what’s other saying that can help you to get extra content for your post.

site load time is also a factor on which one can rely for better SEO. optimize your plugins, use a better hosting CDN etc for getting lower site load time. google also considers this as for rankings. You can check your page speed at pigdom.

I had used VPS hosting from shared hosting in past and used a paid CDN + optimized my all plugins to get a better site load time.

You want to follow all the strategies of SEO including onpage & offpage optimization.

Please would you explain what it is you believe this kind of ‘optimisation’ looks like and how you would approach it. Do you point to any reputable sources that back up these techniques, something that Google or Bing recognises as valid perhaps?

try to some same niche back links from high authority sites

Given that the OP here seems relatively inexperienced in addressing their concern, could you perhaps explain for them what is meant by “niche back links” and “high authority sites”? References to an authoritative source would also help lend credence to what you are saying.


niche links means relates and sites with good traffic and quality of content, generally has high authority.

Hi Kyon,

I can understand your problem. By making all the webpages “Green” using Yoast SEO plugin can not improve your search appearance. You have to look into other On-Site SEO factors. Such as:

  1. Whether you have optimized keywords into your website or not?
  2. You need to implement Structure data as well as rich snippets?
  3. There should be use of proper heading tags such as: h1,h2,h3,h4.
  4. You should have Geo-Tags integration.
  5. robots.txt, xml sitemap, Google webmaster and analytic integration into website.
  6. High authority backlinks
  7. As much as possible try to build do-follow links from high authority websites. (.edu,.gov backlinks are very useful)

Try to implement all these above steps. You will surely good attention from Google.


Just to clarify, .gov and .edu sites may well give good quality backlinks, but only because they tend to be high quality, authoritative sites. The domain extension in itself has no bearing on how Google treats the link.

So if you happen to have a site in a niche where it might be relevant to a .gov or .edu site, and you can get a backlink from them - great. However, the OP is running a small clothing store, so it’s hard to see how this advice could be relevant or useful to her.


i already follow it, but dosent work

but most of the .gov and .edu wont let you build backlin, so trying using others website like social media and promote website, so it that have any effect?

Social sites generally make user posted links nofollow so they don’t pass any Page Rank. But even if they were followable, Google gives no value to links that are “self created” by users of such sites. So in short, no.

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