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Hey guys, so me and my friend are starting to get into Wordpress, SEO and so on, weโ€™ve created our own site and tried to do some seo on it - we just want to practise for now :slight_smile: We heard about sitepoint and thought we ould ask here to get some tricks and tips or maybe even feedback :wink: This is our practise site here we hope you have something we can use :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Best Regards Nicolei and his buddy (17 & 18 y/o)

I recommend reading Googleโ€™s search engine guide here:

Hi. I just saw your website and it looks great.
To make your website SEO friendly you can add Yoast SEO plugin, it would help you optimise each page making it more SEO friendly. Adding google analytics will help you track your audience.
For each image use relevant alt tags and optimise your content with targeted keywords to make your content searchable by google bots.

Make sure you invest time in properly writing interesting content for your pages. On the one hand, it can get you surprisingly far thanks to onpage SEO. On the other hand, if you want your users to enjoy your page, then the best way to do this is by giving them what they want!

Thx for the feedback guys! Really helps a lot to get some help here in the early stages of doing it :slight_smile:

Nowadays starting a website is not just enough for any businessman. In this competitive world, your SEO must well precise to defeat the competition in the most pleasant way. To improve the SEO of your website, you can simply get some better backlinks and improve the SEO. To get better backlinks, you can do the blog comments in the high PR sites and submit your content in the high PR websites!

SEO nowadays has far more to do with high quality, well-structured content than it does with backlinks.

Sorry, but no. Links which you place yourself are regarded as pretty much worthless by search engines, and if done to excess, will be seen as deliberate manipulation, resulting in your site being penalised.

Reputable blogs and sites will, in any case, mark user-submitted links nofollow (as we do here), rendering them useless for SEO.

I*n addition, while Google still uses PageRank in its algorithms, it has long since ceased to publish regular public updates, so any information you may find on PR is at best seriously outdated. Also, PR is calculated per page, not per site. It is possible for a site to have a high PR home page and very low PR internal pages, where your link may appear.

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