Is wordpress site bad to get search engine ranking?

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Is wordpress site bad to get search engine ranking ?

maybe you think,better search engine rank?

No, it’s opposite, is something the best what you can have for SEO, but it depends what you have on your site.

WordPress kicks ass in terms of search engine optimization.

There is no better CMS out there that can deal with SEO issues. I really don’t think WordPress would cause an issue in search engine optimization unless you’ve deliberately done something you shouldn’t have.

Wordpress is one of the best scripts for SEO. But of course you need good content.

Wordpress is wonderful for SEO. It’s more on what you do with the website in terms of content, social sharing, etc. If you want to start optimizing your Wordpress website for SEO, try SEO for Wordpress by Yoast. It’s helpful to begin with and will give you some insight on what effects SEO, etc.

WordPress rocks because it follows web standards, has plugins to optimize everything from title to content to IBL and OBL and no-follow, etc. Everything you need for SEO, you can do with WordPress.

At the end of the day, WordPress is not going to write your content for you :-). So that’s still something you gotta do, but from a presentation and management perspective, WordPress is probably the best tool out there for creating content optimized for SEO.

Like Google warns, write your content for people and not for search engines. Do that and you’ll be fine.

A basic WordPress website isn’t that good for SEO, you need some preparations to make it SEO proof… you will need some Plugins and configure your Permalinks, a good plugin for SEO is for example “WordPress SEO”… You should also never forget to give your images attributes like a description.

Agree, Wordpress is awesome!

I’ve just had one of my sites hit the second page, very excited. Its all about keyword research, on page seo and then doing your best to build backlinks without being spammy.

personally I use LTP for keyword research, I struggle a bit with the wordpress seo but do use the yoast plugin. i’m jst not sure i’m using it right! backlinking is the part i’m having the most problems with and is essentially the reason I joindd this forum.

oh yeah good content is crucial as well.

I believe WordPress is more powerful than any other CMS in market. SEO plugins are available which is good for Seo friendly site.

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