Wordpress - All website content missing!

http://www.hucknallwarriors.co.uk has all of the content and widgets (apart from some images linked to the widgets) but there is not content showing up.

I am not able to log into the WordPress admin panel using any of my logins - it says the username is not recognised.

When I log into cPanel I see my database and when I log into FTP I see all of my files so all seems to be there still - just a disconnection between my actual site and the content.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

All passwords and database info in the config file is correct. I haven’t changed anything on the website (just added posts last weekend) but the problems occurred around 36 hours ago.

So far I have gone into PHP MY ADMIN and created myself a new user - I am able to get into WordPress as an admin now. No content is showing but Plugins are (which I’ve disabled all of).

Any help would be appreciated.


So the posts are showing up in the database tables? WP_Posts table I think from memory.

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Yes that’s correct. They’re just not showing up on the actual website for some reason.


Could it be that your blog site was hacked?

The easiest solution may be to export your data and rebuild the site from a fresh install. I suppose it could be a database connectivity problem. However if you can still login to WP that seems unlikely. You could try checking your web server logs for anything obvious.