Deface Problem

Dear Pals,

I have problem with one of my WP blogs. In the past, I posted “hello” only, no content. Yesterday I found my blog displayed a redirect page, I can access from CPanel but can’t access from WP dashboard. I have clicked lost password but I didn’t receive an email. May I know:

  1. How can they do a deface? Is it from the other account in my hosting?
  2. If they could accessed my this account, is it mean they can access my other accounts in same hosting? How can I prevent it?
  3. Please suggest what I must to do to minimize any attack in the future.

Thanks for your kind help.


I would suggest you have an older version of Wordpress, once in the dashboard you should always ensure you are upgrade to the latest version (there is usually a notice).

Is it mean my other blogs with old version (2.9 and 3.0) have a low level of security? Thanks for your kind advice, I will upgrade to new version.

There are websites that publish known vulnerabilities. Once the info gets out there all sorts of scum start looking for the apps to try and take advantage of those that haven’t upgraded.

So yes, upgrade and stay up-to-date !!

Thanks your advice, I will be hard work for this weekend LOL…