WordPress login problem

I recently tried to log into my WordPress administrative panel. After getting to the login page: www.example.com/wp-admin, I entered my login credentials with no problem. However the Wordpress dashboard and all other pages within the admin area are blank. Has anyone seen this issue before? Thoughts? Suggestions for troubleshooting?

Have you tried re-login?
Maybe your internet is slow.

Or maybe your wordpress site is being hacked?
Have you tried re-installing it?

Are you using the latest version?
If not then you better upgrade dude.

I have tried many things except for re-installation. That’s next. There’s a lot about this on the net under “wordpress white screen of death.”

Maybe i answer late, but maybe it’s a plugin problem, try to disable all plugins… if you have access to your Cpanel, rename the plugins folder to something else temporarily, If You can get to the Dashboard, Deactivate all the Plugins then Rename the folder back to /wp-content/plugins/ once the base WordPress installation has been recovered… Activate the plugins one by one till you find the one which made the issue… Youc an also deactivate the plugin through your Database, follow this steps : [B]Disable Wordpress Plugins With Phpmyadmin[/B]

You can also try this tips by wordpress : Link


I had this kind of issue back then.
It is caused by some uncompatible plugin or one plugin “hit” another plugin.
What I do is login by FTP or hosting control panel, and remove the plugin one at a time to try the Dashboard, until I can find the troublemaker.

Well long back I had faced a similar issue on one of my sites and found it was a memory issue and database timeout. Hence, try to increase memory / time out limits if the plugin solution does not work.
Secondly, this issue also occurs if you have tried to auto upgrade and the auto upgrade failed half way or so. You might try to reinstall wordpress by uploading a new set of files.