Posts Not Showing

I accidentally deleted my root level files not long ago and didn’t have local backup, so I downloaded the WP source files and uploaded those in their place and it kept prompting me with the WP setup screen, so I finally filled it out.

After doing so, I believe my existing DB tables got renamed and the out-of-the-box ones started showing on the website along with everything in the admin interface. I just deleted the newly created ones and renamed the old ones.

My main page is looking as it did with the content showing, but when I click on the post or the button to go to the next page, it’s coming up not found.

What should I do to fix this?

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Here’s a walk-through on how to recover your admin password.

I can’t get to the admin interface, my correct login isn’t working.
I’m seeing this message upon entering the credentials:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Have you checked your Settings>Permalinks to see what they are set as? Also, in your admin area, go to Posts and click on any of the articles that show up and see what link it takes you to.

I tried going to your “Bloom Brand Repetition” article, so you might start with that one.