WindowsXP Continues to Dominate

66%of all Windows users continue to use Windows XP (read here)

And the statement would be…???

It’s a statement, about Windows. Why did I put this up ? It’s a report.

And you think this is a good thing? bad? indifferent? Is this a statement about vista/win7?

I guess I’m trying to figure out why you put this up. Care to elaborate?

I’m still on it and LOVE IT.

Honestly doesn’t suprise me too much between:

Home Users:
a) Vista’s teething issues–really little worse than XP’s in times immemorial–scared consumers quite a bit. Seeing many people who would have bought a Vista machine a few years ago get their OS back-reved to XP.
b) Economic megadisaster put off purchases of major appliances, such as PCs, a bit for many.
c) Netbooks and tablet devices [iPads] cannabalized the low end of the market. Remember that netbooks were almost all running XP if they were running windows.
d) Consumers who weren’t as price sensitive tended strongly towards buying macs as desktop software compatibility had begun to lose it’s luster.

a) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – XP SP2+ was pretty solid. I know of alot of places that bought hardware in the Vista era and back-rev’d the licenses and the OS to XP.
b) Kind of a corollary to a, but some vista features broke many, many custom apps business rely upon. Even if it didn’t break them, it was an expensive enough proposition to make sure stuff worked with Vista to give one serious pause about considering it.
c) Economic Megadisaster put lots of purchasing plans on hold.

Finally, the more interesting part if one actually reads the article is Windows 7 is rapidly eclipsing Vista. And that there are apparently radically different counts as to what OS version is in use. I’d like to see what numbers look like after the christmas holidays – on the consumer side, there are alot of long-in-the-tooth XP machines floating around and there might actually be christmas bonus checks. At least for those who still have a job.

i guess this would be about time let go on xp:)

I changed to Windows 7 about 6 months ago, but just on one of my laptops. To be honnest, I find it a very stable version, and think it’s comparable with Windows 2000. On my two editing suites I still use the good old Windows 2000 without having any problems. On my other laptop and two desktops I use Windows XP since I think Vista was and is a real disaster. I still compare Vista with ME which was a disaster as well if not even bigger.

Uh, this is pretty important to web developers… those of us who have been waiting for CSS3/media-queries/html5/everything-else support in IE coming in version 9… which will not run on XP. As a developer I certainly have no known legal way of testing the beta here… I will not purchase an operating system to test a free browser (why I don’t test Safari-for-Mac).

So, yeah, this is important.

related but off-topic: English translation in first comment. Notice the % of IE use in the Netherlands does not match the 50%-worldwide amount toted in the article. This is likely true for many, many countries. Something to think about as well when it comes to WinXP usage… worldwide percentages don’t necessarily impact a local web developer.

I think XP for many people and companies is enough , and why they should upgrade by money ? maybe for most of Windows 7 users that they are only for security reasons to upgrade

^I’m also sure many of the current Win7 users also just ended up with that OS because they purchased a new machine that came with it.

I bought the retail copy.

Couldn’t have said it better my self. :tup:

I also chanced to windows 7 about 1 year ago. Don’t get me wrong I was a big fan of windows XP, but seven is WAY better. No problem what so ever in almost 1 year. Best OS available in my opinion.