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I just found out that Microsoft is planning to give away free upgrades to Windows 10 for everyone already using Windows 7 or better. Apparently they expect that getting everyone onto that version will enable them to make lots more money from selling their other products than they could make if they were to charge for the upgrade.

As Windows 10 is due out at about the same time as Microsoft will be dropping support for Vista this should mean that they will be able to greatly simplify their support process by cutting the support for Windows 7 & 8 short after everyone has had the opportunity to upgrade (apparently we’ll need to upgrade within a year if we want it free).

I’d also expect this to impact on how quickly Internet Explorer disappears to be replaced by Microsoft’s new web browser.

The gap between those running a current Microsoft operating system and browser and those running old versions no longer supported will then be much wider.

What do you think will happen?


I have had a look at Windows 10 and it looks good. If it is free I will get it changed on all my families computers as they have Windows 8.1 which I find painful to navigate.
Other than that what else is there to say - people on old operating systems will still be on old operating systems as there is probably a reason for it.
People will upgrade if its free but I doubt there would be many upgrading if they have to pay.

Hehe, did someone at MS miss out on primary school? 7 … 8 … 10? :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely a good move to make the OS a free upgrade. Apple has been doing this for a few years now and it makes it pretty much a no-brainer to upgrade. That makes it much easier to keep people up to date.

I just cross my fingers that the new OS will be a good one. Most people I know who use Windows hate the last few versions and are still on XP. :grimacing:

Heh, yeah… as I understand it, Microsoft actually felt that Win9 was way too much like the hated Win8 so they decided to totally skip its release and go straight for 10.

Although I do have Win7 Ultimate on my new system, my 2006 laptop is still running XP because despite Micro$oft no longer making security patches for it, it’s still one of the best GUI OS (mostly stable) that they’ve made, so far. CERTAINLY much better than Windows ME or Vista or 2000.

I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade my new system to 10. I think I’ll wait for 6-8 months and let everyone else beta-test and report bugs before I decide. :smile:


+1 I must admit I do that with the Mac OS too. Let all the eager beavers deal with the bugs, post tips workarounds and solutions etc. so that it’s all there when I need it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have two computers with Windows 7 so yes, I may upgrade one of them… see how it works and if I like it, I may upgrade the other one… Have to think about it

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I definitely won’t upgrade to Windows 10 until it’s about 10 month after the release… I vow not to be the guinea pig. Someone did a research on MAC OS adaptation and about 20% of the users did not upgrade their OS (even though it’s free). I expect the same with Windows 10 that about 20% will still use old OS…old browser… In other news, I’ve heard that Chrome has good chance of becoming #1 desktop browser in U.S. in 2015!

I thought that happened years ago. Browser stats seem to indicate that Chrome’s usage far outstrips other browsers. I’d be surprised if things are radically different in the US.

Depends on whose statistics you believe. I have seen supposedly current stats giving IE anywhere between 25 and 60% market share.

Yes, Craig commented on that issue (to some degree) here: Browser Trends January 2015: IE8 Usage ... Triples?!

I probably won’t upgrade for at least a year (by then any major bugs should hopefully have been found and fixed), i might even wait until it’s first service pack comes out before upgrading.

They will probably start charging for it before the first service pack comes out. The free upgrade offer only goes a year and they’ll probably wait until after the year is up before releasing the first service pack.

I’m sure this is what will happen… so if I upgrade, I know that I’m going to find all kind of bugs… but I’ll get access to the service pack when it is out. With Microsoft (and most companies) is always the same… you need to wait a year before the product is really solid. But, in this case, if you wait that much, you don’t get the offer :slight_smile:

That is very odd and hard to believe. It claims that over 50% are using chrome browsers for Desktop (I filtered out the tablet since IE is not available). By all means I like to believe it but it can’t be that good.

I’m not sure if this could be do-able or not but I want the browser to be nothing but remote access to server’s browser renderer. Basically, let the server side handle the UI renderer. Why is this good? Developer’s only need to test on 1 version of the browser. Don’t ask how this could be done… just a thought. Since it’s using server’s browser…there could even be a way to create a web application w/o using HTML/CSS/Javascript…

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