XP or Windows 7 for new Mac?


Have recently got hold of a Mac and looking to put windows on for browser testing/sopcast. I have an old copy of XP lying around, but would i be better off shelling out for W7 for my needs? Don’t really play games on a PC. My only concern is longevity. I plan on keeping the Mac for a few years and i guess XP is a bit dated already (still a decent OS though).


Personally I use XP on the Mac and it works fine. There’s no way I would shell out for W7 just for testing purposes. I doubt there is much if any difference—at least as far as browsers go.

Thanks Ralph, thats definitely how I’m thinking. I have been searching around the best way to add it to the Mac and heard a couple of horror stories of people wiping off OSX:goof:

May start another thread, but is it a simple process? I was going to use Parallels but open to other suggestions.

You can use Boot Camp (if you have it—it comes with newer Macs) and run it on a partition (Google that for more info), but I prefer the route you are looking at. I use VMWare Fusion, which is good, but other folks like Parallels, so either is fine. Loading these is just like loading any other program, so there’s no danger of wiping anything.

The instructions are very simple, but it’s a while since I’ve set things up.

Thanks. Yeah i think it was boot camp where people have had some nightmares. The idea of running on a separate program sounds a lot safer. I’ll see what Google turns up.


XP is more tested and have lesser compatibility issues compare to Win7. I’d say go with XP.