Web Hosting Dilema!

Hi i am based in the UK, just bought my domain from Fasthosts (dont know whether that is a good or a bad thing?):blush:

I am now deciding what host provider to use?
I use a mac running MAMP: Apache/MYSQL and PHP.

My requirements are that i need a package that can support multiple databases for testing:
must be able to support Wordpress, Joomla etc

any advice would be great!!!


Are you looking for a web host in Europe or North America?

europe - as in UK

try hostgator .

Good idea. I’d ask something about test accounts as well.

came across a recommendation on thiswebhost.com - seems to get good reviews anybody had good or bad experiences with them?
just wondering would there be a problem in having hosting in US and being based in UK. As far as traffic is concerned I dont expect to have huge amounts of traffic - my site purpose is a portfolio site - and used to test client sites!

Not always. Some good web hosts are in NL as well

Any LINUX host can provide you mYsql, php, wordpress and joomla.
You have to check whether multiple databases are allowed or not.
We will suggest you heahhost.com 247-host.com tb-hosting.com and so on…
Above host are very supportive and relaible.

Good luck

You do see a lot of horror stories about Fasthosts hosting. Personally I’d never use them, and I’ve known more people move away from them than to them.

Your requirements (multiple DB’s, running popular scripts) are pretty bog standard in this day and age.

What is your monthly/annual budget?
How much disk space and data transfer are you looking for?

Hi thanks for the reply guys! I have just read some horror stories about fasthosts! thats kinda why i have stopped my self signing up to a server package with them… hope it is ok just to have my domain registered with them!

my budget is probably gonna be no more than £8-10pm max the cheaper the better! out of the hosts i have mentioned do u recommend any? or can you recommend any others?
www.justhost.com seem really cheap - not sure if thats too good to be true?

I’ve heard a lot of bad stories from JustHost. I would definitely stray away from them. For hosts that you’re considering, always look for reviews by using the search feature on this forum.

Are you looking for a managed or unmanaged solution?

thanks again for the reply! i’ve just had a search about on sitepoint but get old dated posts in regard to recommended hosts.

so any further recommendations?

what do ye mean managed or unmanaged?

Managed hosting basically means that the hosting provider will take of the server related issues and will offer you round the clock support.

You know the list of potential web hosts. Do the search for their reviews then to find out more. Perhaps they will agree to provide you trial period.
Good luck.

Being in UK and having good web hosting provider in US you will never see any diffrence in the service quality.

But there are issues around EU Data Protection law that need to be considered - as well as the higher latency, which can effect load time and the maximum download speed attainable.

There is also potentially the issue of support - whilst many companies claim 24x7 support it often means someone on a sofabed with a laptop that “dings” loudly when a ticket comes in and hopefully it wakes them, or the number of staff on at night is not enough to.

There are also potentially many more failure points between your site and your users if they are both in different countries - it’s not that long ago that a lot of USA sites disappeared off the net completely from Europe due to fibre cuts in the Atlantic.

Why don’t you send emails to 5 of these above and to compare the answers you would receive from them?