Windows 8 Touch Interface

I have installed Windows 7 Professional on my notebook and the notebook model I have is VAIO-VPCEA33EN. I’m planning to move on to Windows 8 but not sure whether the touch interface would function if I install the recently released Windows 8 OS? Perhaps, the touch interface won’t be work with my configuration once I got Windows 8 installed on my notebook. Therefore, I would like to get much clarity on what are all the requirements needed on the Desktop or Notebook PC to have Windows 8 touch interface working properly? Also could you recommend the right notebook models which can support Windows 8 all features included? Thanks in advance.

I imagine a touch screen would be needed?

May be the driver software required to sense the touch inputs? however the configuration of the machine also needs to be support the driver good enough to sense the touch inputs. In this scenario what we may need to know is the hardware and driver details so that we can check if the machine configuration would support the Windows 8 Touch Interface while buying new notebook or Desktop computers.

My friend told me that he is using windows 8 and it’s touch feature is really good to use. I am planning but afraid about the compatibility with my system.

I’m using the beta version of windows 8 on a laptop and u can install it easy on almost any configuration. The only thing is that u do all the work with the mouse not with the touch interface.

Does it improve the way we do things in windows, it must work so much faster right?
Oh boy I hope we get touch screen 3d monitors that work with windows 8 fast!

Hm, didn’y think of that option. Don’t even know if this option is supported by my own laptop.

I had searched about that issue, as i also want to install Windows 8 in my laptop. Its working great on my HP laptop. The systems that are capable of running Windows 7, are also capable of running Windows 8. You can only face few hardware compatibility issues which can be resolved by installing relevant drivers.

The key user experience objective of Win8 is touch first… so the best of win8 comes from a touch enable device… preferably a slate. however windows 8 will run just fine on older machines you just keep using the “mouse gestures”. Win8 is faster than win7, and the boot up experience is amazing by comparison. the first thing you will appreciate is the installation experience absolutely the best of any windows OS. you may find it a little diff at first given that the start menu is replaced by a full screen start page which is fully searchable (as you type) so launching apps has never been easier or faster. Once you get used to it you will ever miss anything before. solid OS!