Windows 8


do you think there will be big changes and improvments in windows 8 compare to windows 7?
i didnt try the beta version of it, did you try it?

i would love to hear your thoughts about it.
anyway, when is the realese date of windwos 8 (full version)?

for me its perfect for tablets

For me Windows 8 is awesome, i am using windows 8

yah guy!!!
You are right. It is a great opportunity for new version of window. I used window 7, it is too good.
I thought that when i used to window 8, what a great!!!

Ok, enough ‘I think it’s great’ answers. If you want to participate in this discussion, please elaborate your thoughts, otherwise your answers will be considered fluff, and this thread might be closed.

For me best thing is touch interface in Windows 8 & the release date is in October 26 i guess. As it is reinvented from Windows 7 so it must be make our expectations delighted.

Trying the Office 15 beta on Windows 8 atm, if Windows is losing Aero and will be like Office then I quite like it. Simple, minimalist but easy to find everything you need.

i m using window xp but all windows version is great for i hope window 8 will best for use.thank you guys

Hi all,

Microsoft to Launch Windows 8 may be in October.


26th October 2012.

Windows 8 will come with some new attractive features, such as- Advanced touch screen input, windows stores (online application store) metro style, Picture password or face recognition, multiple desktop, improved taskbar, boot security etc.

I haven’t tried Windows 8 yet, but I am surely will be sticking to Windows 7 since it does everything I need to do.

Windows 8 special feature is to get the things done faster then w7.

I hope windows 8 would be less bulky , might get supported on bit lower configuration .


thanks for your comments.
so, it will be great to move windows 8.

when will it happen? microsoft still didnt realse the date it will come out?
will it also be good for the android tablets?

See post #10

One thing I would like to see Win 8 being able to do is something they do in the film Avatar in one scene a scientist is looking at a scan image on his computer terminal, he slides the image off his computer screen with his hand and it re-appears on his tablet computer. If you have two devices running win8 and you could do that it would be nice (probably would be useful in large office environments)

Skip to about 1:18 in the clip and you’ll see what I mean

I personally if I can will not even consider migrating over to win8 until it gets its first service pack release and there are no major bugs as a result of that service pack

Hey guys,

i wanted to ask something about win8 - in the apps store of apple i have my ipad, there is something called “win8 testbad” - they want for that app 10$.
what is it exactly? some beta version? is it worth it?

Rumor is that MS won’t sell full retail copies of win 8… Only upgrades. Though full OEM versions should still be sold which were cheaper than retail anyway.

It did get me thinking, why doesn’t MS just stop with the ‘upgrade’ bull and sell only the full version instead of the other way around.

This is what hyped me up.

What I’m looking for in Windows 8 is an operating system that has a lot less system file space requirement. I find it sad to look at my main hard disk’s free space just after installing Win 7 Pro on my laptop.