Touch Pad issue

I know someone that has a 6-month old HP laptop - unsure of the specifics - and is running Windows 7.

He states that his Touch Pad works fine when his laptop is plugged in, however, when he is running off of battery, the Pointer will often move very very slow and then jump across the screen or do other unexplainable things.

He has re-installed the driver for the Touch Pad, but the problem persists.

He was unable to re-create the problem when I looked at it this morning.

(Other than it’s Windows) any ideas what could be going here? :-/



Low battery power might cause the touchpad not to get enough power so it malfunctions. (I guess)

I have a friend with a dell laptop of similar age with the same problem. I did a bit of googling about for him and turned up results varying between ‘bad batch of alps touchpads’ to ‘rubbish drivers on windows 7’. Most of the info was on the dell support forums so would suggest a look on the HP equivalent.