Will Pay Once Adsense ads Display on my website


    I try to put adsense on my cricket Video site but it's not showing , for demo i have again out adsense a particular page  :

Cricket Fielding Tips

From same adsense account adsense code showing gogole ads to my other website, please help me please.
I can even open to pay you some money for it if you can solve my problem and gogole ads show on my website.

Thanks in advance

not seeing any google ads. maybe you should write to google.

Why do you have a <br /> inside the AdSense code?
You are not allowed to modify the code. Maybe this is the reason.

Soliciting assistance by offering to pay for it is not allowed on these threads. The help provided in the SP forums is free and without strings of any kind. I hope the advice offered to you in the above responses does the trick for you. In future, if you want to solicit paid advice, please place an ad in Marketplace. Thanks.

I don’t care about your little money, just use this tool and see that ads don’t display on your site which means it has been banned in the past because of copyright videos…
Google Adsense Sandbox Preview Tool with Text, Image and Video Ads - Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle and Square formats

On DP forums you think it isn’t the case, but still what other explanation do you have? NONE.