How to see my ads

I have one website that has Google AdSense ads, which brings in a few hundred quid a year.

I would like to see what my site looks like with its ads. I’ve tried various browsers on desktop, smartphone and Android tablet. I thought Chrome on Android would be best as there’s no ad blocker that I can see but I still don’t see the ads.

What am I missing?

You sure the ad’s actually being rendered on the page?

(Yaknow, we probably trust you enough to put a link in, if you want some external eyeballs :P)

Yeah. My income is going up a bit each day so I know there are ads.

The site is rune-readings dot com


When I load your page, I got 4 ads;

1 in the left bar, 1 in the right bar (similar to here on sitepoint), one at the bottom of the content (just above the footer), and one in a slide-tray at the bottom of the page.

for reference;

(cropped; content masked, and red boxes added by me. Yes I have no idea why that ad on the right has a transparent background.)

Thanks, squire. Strange I can’t get to see 'em.

It’s… technically possible that Google’s hiding them from you because your browser is recognizing that you’re the website owner, and so it doesnt show you the ads to prevent you from inflating your own site’s ad-hits?

I dont actually think the adserve box is that intelligent, but its possible?

Maybe they dont have any local ads to serve you? (Again, highly doubt it…)

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The cookie consent options affect whether the ads are shown.

If the browser is logged in with that Google account it is quite possible.

Have you checked the status of your site in your AdSense account?


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