Has Anyone Ever Had This Happen With Adsense?

The issue started yesterday but adsense will not display any ads, not even PSAs, in the forum area of my website. They will display ads anywhere else on the website, but my forum.

I have not received any emails regarding violations in the forum that need changing, or anything else for that matter. I’m not sure what’s going on. It seems to be only an issue with the forum area.

It’s happened to me in the past when I’ve done updates to my site. Adsense shows up blank for a few hours until Google reindexes the page and starts showing ads again.

It shouldn’t take too long - have you fixed the issue yet? It’s been awhile on this thread but I don’t see any update from you about it.

Happens with me when I update my website. It is temporary just wait for a few days and then see if the problems solves automatically.

Happened to me when using super cache on my wordpress blogs

this sometimes happens when you update your site and should just be temporary !

Interesting problem, but as the guy said we can’t really tell you what the problem is unless we see your actual forum.

I would like to see it also, interesting. Most of our ads are displaying relavent content.

The only way we can help is to take a look at your site. Do post your link in this forum so that we can help you take a look (that is, if you are comfortable).

We’d need to see a link to know if it’s a coding problem or not.

It’s not a coding problem because I created a blank testing.html page and the adsense code would still display blank blocks when the testing page was placed in the forums directory, but the testing page displayed just fine when I placed it within another directory.

It’s the strangest thing and I can’t find anything online with a similar problem like this.