Will Microsoft be back to the Smartphone Market?

Microsoft was really the pioneer of cell phone industry which used to assemble the product that fueled the telephones before iOS or Android started to be. The tech goliath Microsoft has been chipping away at its arrangements which incorporated the arrival of Windows telephone in 2010.Will Microsoft be back to the Smartphone Market?

My two cents:

No, unless if they manufacture phones running on the Android OS. People do not ship the Windows OS, and add the fact that its application inventories are minuscule compared to Android and iOS.

Their best bet is to penetrate the smart phone market using their office software and other applications, or by making smart phones connect seamlessly to computers running on Windows. Better yet, find a way to kill off Macintosh :stuck_out_tongue:

Off course Microsoft will be work on Smart phone industry because its purchase of Nokia last year. Microsoft will probably make a Surface Phone, or something like it. Since its acquisition of Nokia in 2014, Microsoft has been revamping the product portfolio with Microsoft branded Lumia devices.

I am looking forward to trying some of their new porting tools and seeing if that can offer any enticement to app developers.

Yes, of course… Microsoft is quite good to use and also it has great functionalities. Since long it has provided us with newly developed applications, versions, tools and many more with user friendliness.

One of the big problems that Microsoft has faced in the mobile phone market is the paucity of apps available on Windows Phone, which apparently is because it is a lot more expensive and difficult to develop apps for that than for iOS and Android. If that doesn’t change with Windows 10 then they are unlikely to make any real gains in the mobile phone market.

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I think from a UX point of view, it is not a bad OS at all. It is very simple (in a good way) to use compared to the others.

That is the down side, the lack of apps, in quality and quantity. I assumed this was because they are not a popular as iOS and Android, developers just did not bother. I didn’t know it was more difficult for them. They need to fix that.

I’m not a developer so I don’t know for certain, but I’ve certainly got the impression that it has been more complicated, but the expectation is that W10 will be easier, partly because it is a cross-device OS so developing a phone app is the same as developing a desktop app. But yes, I’m sure the low market penetration plays a part in developers not considering it worthwhile.

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