Microsoft has bought nokia

nokia was my 1st phn in 2008.that was N-70… then i was in class 8.all the time i use to use nokia… from ast year i changed.but what am i company is totally sold??i also came to know that blackberry is aso going to be sold…what is going on :mad:

The times they are changing… :slight_smile:

From what I heard, Nokia missed the smart phone wave, and has now been bought by a competitor.

By the way, I believe my first mobile phone was a Nokia as well.

I’m in the same boat. All four of the phones I’ve had since my first one in 2000 have been Nokias, and while on the whole i like Windows Phone, it’s depressing how many things it does worse than Symbian. So much for progress. But I’m not paying for an iPhone, i can’t stand Android, and BlackBerry just doesn’t seem like me, so it’s the best of a bad bunch. I don’t know whether we’ll see any difference with Microsoft having bought out Nokia, or if the phones will remain just the same. But sad to see a once great and pioneering company disappear.

My first mobile was a Philips Diga (I think that was the model name), it had a credit card sized sim card. I think I’ve still got an old Nokia 3310 lurking about:blush: My current one is a Sony k810i which is probably stone age now in relative terms with so many of the current generation phones being touch screen and using apps.

I wonder if any Sitepointers ever had one of the very original brick like mobile phones

Not that old – my first one was a Noka 5110 … how things have moved in since 1998!

I am not sure what they aimed at accomplishing with that, perhaps popularize the Windows Phone… I am not a big fan of Microsoft, I have seen their hardware failure attempts before with the earlier versions of Xbox 360, hopefully they leave Nokia do their thing and keep producing quality phones. Its really sad, though Nokia were an indisputable leader for many years, together with Motorolla. Things change I suppose.

It just goes to show how important it is for companies to anticipate and preact to emerging trends. Nokia always made great phones, robust, really easy to use, with lots of native features. No need for all this downloading apps malarkey, the phone did most things you wanted it to straight out of the box. And battery life was fantastic - my Symbian smartphone would last a week on a charge, but my newer Windows Phone rarely makes it to 3 days.

So where did it go wrong? Nokia failed to see the way the market was going. People wanted fun more than functional. The Symbian interface with its single touch was a bit clunky, not as smooth or as slick as the iPhone, which was the new cool kid in town. The app store was not bad (and a lot better than the paltry offering now), but not as extensive as others. And they never caught up.

In any context, dominance is temporary and will always be overthrown. But in tech industries it can happen a lot quicker!

I think the reason could be that window phone are not strong enough in the market.

Now they are thinking seriously about smartphone.