Silverlight web application on Mobile devices

Hi Guys,

We’re developing an ERP software (written in Dot Net/Silverlight) for Manufacturing industries. The thing that we want to know is whether our application can be accessed on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones without any code-conversion? As many of you guys know, code-conversion is a complex process and takes a lot of manhours. So, Is there any way to access our Silverlight web app on mobile devices?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Silverlight doesn’t run on either iOS or android, which account for the vast majority of the smart phone market. If these are important to you, then you should consider whether there is really any functionality in the front end if your app that requires specific silverlight features.

Decisions on deployment technologies should be taken in the planning stages rather than during active development - if the client specified silverlight AND mobile accessibility, you should have advised them otherwise when discussing specification at the very start

Silverlight works Windows Phone 8 ?

Yes it works on Windows phone 8, which accounts for about 5-10% of smart phones. Android and Apple are far more widespread in use, both for personal or business use.