Will Google index redirected pages?

I redirected some of my web pages permanently. But I didn’t delete that old pages in server. I want to know it will affect my site when Google searching?

Errm, delete them?

If you permanently redirected them how would Google be able to access the old pages?


If i created the back-link for that old file, google access the new file or old file?

The new file. It’s a good idea to delete the old file so your sitemap is clean, but if you’ve done a permanent (301) redirect, not a temporary redirect (302), Google will index the new page.

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Usually Google will not index redirected pages if you apply proper 301 redirection. Also you can specify canonical tag, it will surely fix this issue.


Will not be affect to your website if it is redirecting properly.

And what is “redirecting properly”?

delete those old one…

When all the pages(with the subpages) will be index then and only then it will redirect properly.

No - if the pages have been correctly redirected in the .htaccess file, then they will always redirect properly. Somebody may follow an old link from a search engine, just as they may follow an old bookmark from their computer, but both will be redirected to the new page. That’s the whole point of a redirect.


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