Google indexing lots of old site links

Hi all,

I recently redesigned an old site which consisted of loads of new pages, basically the site was totally revamped with the old site page architecture being better organised. As a result I had to create a lot of 301 redirects.

The new site has been live for around 3 months now, when I check all indexed pages in google the old links feature very heavily, how long will this happen for or will these old pages always be indexed?

Would be great to get some info on this.


It depends…

Another way you can speed up the process is by using the <link rel=“canonical” href=“…”> tag in the <head> of your pages. Put the current URL in the href=“…” attribute, and Google then knows that, no matter what URL it hit on to arrive at that page, that is the URL you would prefer it to use.

But at the end of the day, if the old links still work (which they should do if your 301s are working right), visitors are still being sent to the right page, so how much does it matter?

Thanks for that Stevie,

The old inedexed pages dont bother me tbh as all the 301s are in place, thanks again!