Google Not Removing Page From Index After 301, Why?

Hi, I have done several 301’s, e.g. 301 to -> The things is…

The old pages with a 301 redirect are not removed from the index. I.E. the old page yadayada has not been removed, and the new yidiyidi has been added to the index…

And about one particular page I recently 301’d … it’s not even in the top 700 for the phrase that it’s supposed to rank for, while the old page is ranked #14. (I suspect this is because the old page is not removed from the index, and Google therefore sees the new page as duplicate content).

This isn’t normal behavior right? I mean aren’t pages with a 301 supposed to be removed from the index? How long does this usually take?

I checked my headers with a header checker and the 301s are working correctly.

Can anybody tell what’s going on here, and how I can fix this?

Yes, a 301 should result in the old URL being removed from the index, but it can take a while. How long? How long is a piece of string … it depends on how big your site is, what the crawl rate is, whether the sun’s shining, etc.

You can go for a ‘belt and braces’ approach and include a canonical tag giving the correct URL for each page as well - in the <head>, put

<meta rel="canonical" href="">

and that tells Google what the preferred URL for that page is.

Hi, I understand time is needed, but what I don’t understand is that the new stuff I post all is indexed within a day usually, but the pages that have a 301 redirect for over a week are still indexed.

Are 301’s not immediately removed from the index when google crawls them? Or could it be that Google isn’t crawling those 301 pages together with the new pages because it has crawled them before and therefore crawling them again isn’t of hight priority?

Your pages will appear in the search results because they were backlinked with other webpages of other websites.

You have to remove them manually by using Google removal tool.
But there is one disadvantage, You will loose all the backlinks as soon you remove your page from index.