Why are we on this forum?

A. Why are we on this forum, what do we want from it?

We post on different forums and share our opinions with everyone…
But why are we here, on this particular forum… let’s share our thoughts as what actually we are hoping from Sitepoint.com

Let me grab the opportunity to start with it:

It basically accumulates different brains from around the globe and I am here to gather knowledge from all the different business models, ask them questions related to my work domain and read latest mini articles so that I can learn something out of them that can help me polish my skills further.

I am here because there are EXPERTS posting answers to questions I have and questions I did not even think about asking.

With so many people posting questions, it is likely that the answer is already posted by one of the many experts. And if the answer cannot be found by a search, the questions I have are quickly answered.

I share my problem here and get solution also

I’m here for the chicks.


I’m here to…

  1. Make friends
  2. Make business acquaintances.
  3. Provide a service to companies and affiliates/advertisers
  4. And also to just chat

Classic :smiley:

tee hee :lol:

But seriously, Sitepoint is one of the best web design sites out there. It’s where I learned HTML/CSS. The forums, in conjunction with the podcast, the books and the blog cast a wide net, pulling in all that’s new and interesting.

I’m here to pass on things that I’ve learned onto others, often forcibly. (:

I’ve not really gotten comfortable with the “community” side of Sitepoint, yet. It still feels a bit cliquey between the very regular members, and I’ve never really been one for the idle banter anyway (boring, I have nothing to say!).

I am here to learn, learn, learn.


I’m here to share my knowledge with others and to have a good time.

I’m here to learn and to meet people, not just people but knowledgeable people.

I am here to gain the SEO knowledge from all of you experts. :slight_smile:

I’m here because a lot of the people who post here are smarter than me, and as a result people will interact with my posts and correct my mistakes or show me something I didn’t know before.

And, of course, the chicks.