Why there is Anti Clockwise Rotation on most of all of my websites?

Hi there, i am a wordpress developer. I have designed more then 100 websites since 2014. These days i am facing an issue on most of all websites. But some websites are blazing fast.

First of all, i want to inform you that as there are two types of loadings on the page. One is Pre-loading and the other one is loading. In other words there are two types of rotation on the browser. Anti clockwise rotation and clock wise rotation.

I use 8GB ram, 4CPU core, SSD server, Cloudflare and Railgun on my WHM, and the best cache plugin name WpRocket.

I use as less plugins as i can, As i am really good at optimizing the speed of my client’s websites. My own website is super fast but some of my client’s websites are not that fast. I mean there is anti clock wise rotation.

For an example: Here is one domain → https://www.hightrendzbar.com/ and this one → https://buttar.khalsa-website-designers.net/

Both has anti clockwise rotation for nearly 3-5 seconds and then the website starts to load.
At first, it takes nearly 3-5 seconds for the anti clockwise rotation and when it starts the clockwise rotation the website opens in 1-3 seconds because i have optimized the site as much as i can. If i optimize these two sites more then the website will brack and few things on the website will not work. So, both of these websites are fully optimized.

If you check both websites in pingdom tool then you will see that there is a lot of wait time. Let me share the screenshot with you here → check the upload file

You can see that there is alot of wait time, This is the issue i am facing. Website is loading very fast as i have fully optimized both domains but there is a lot of Wait time that is why my wordpress sites are taking nearly 3-5 seconds for the anti clockwise rotation.

I have wasted nearly 2 months but i have not find the solution to fix the issue. Finally, i read an article on this website which was little bit related to my question, so i thought to add my topic here. May be other developers are also looking for this question.

My personal website is extremly fast which is “khalsa website designers” and this website is also on that same server. This and many other websites are very fast but there are a lot of websites which are taking nearly 3-5 seconds for the anti clockwise rotation.

Guys, i have found the solution. I have made the php version 7.1 and the PHP-FPM → On
And guess what the websites are extremly fast now.


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