Why ranking suddenly drops after changing title tags

Hello All, I need help form all the SEO experts regarding SEO optimization of the website. Currently i am doing SEO of the website and i have done complete On page optimization of the website and working on Off page.

My targeted keyword - Accountants Melbourne
My Targed Search Engine - Google Australia
My Targeted Page - Home Page of my website

Initially the the title tag of my website home page was - Accountants In Melbourne | Taxation | Training | Loan & Business Advisory
My website home page was ranking on 10th position of Google Australia with keyword “Accountants Melbourne”

But few days back i have changed the title tag of my website home page to -
Accountants In Melbourne,Tax Accounting,Training & Loan Services

After changing the title tag of my website . I have experience a huge drop in my website ranking.

The ranking of my website home page with keyword “Accountants Melbourne” drops from 10th position to 117th position.

So, i want to know Is the effect of change in the title tag or something else. Please provide your valuable suggestion.

Welcome to the forums, @angcomaudelhioffice.

I doubt very much that a minor change to the page title would have a noticeable effect on SEO, so I’d say there must be something else going on. Did you make other changes around the same time? Have you done anything that might cause Google to regard your site as less trustworthy, such as creating Spammy links?

Yes, you are right Google ranking drops, If we change title of website especially homepage title.
I remember when I changed my changed my test website title to
Watch Movies Online|HDOnline - Watch Full Movies Online Free

I dropped my rankiing for few days then suddenly one day when I checked, My website was skyrocket to top.
Now, I can say that everything depends on these small things.

Try to make your titles almost same with your permalink, Content. Hope your website will get back its ranking.

No, i have not make any other changes. As far as backlinks concerned i am doing link building of my website from long time but this was never happened.

I would still recommend checking Google’s guidelines, and in particular their information on link schemes, just to be sure there is nothing else which could be causing a problem for your site.

Google uses something called a “Ranking Strength” to calculate. After you have changed the Title Tag, google calculates everything based on this Ranking strength, to calculate the ranking for your page.
I’d say give it a month or so. And then check back for your rankings.
If nothing improves, try reverting back to your previous titles, and see what happens

Hi there ashishang,

This may be one possible reason…

…for receiving “Google’s” wrath. :eyebrows:

This may be another…

Nu Html Checker results for https://www.accountsnextgen.com.au/


I thing this is just a fluctuation process of Google. Yes, when we change the meta’s then definitely ranking is down for some time, But it should be boost again after some time.

Rest, You also need to check internal errors in Website with the help of Google webmaster tool. I would like to give a suggestion, Please generate xml sitemap again and update it. Fetch your URL in Google webmaster and submit it in Google for indexing.

As the OP has not been seen for two months, it seems safe to assume they have resolved the issue or lost interest. Either way, it is pointless to continue offering advice.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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