Change title are effect on website ranking?

Hello There, Just a quick question if I change title of my one page site.

Old Title : Developers Heaven | Buy Android App Installs, Rating and Reviews
New Title : Get App installs | Buy Android App Installs, Rating and Reviews

is going to affect the ranking of my page or not

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Hi @NehaSaxena in terms of seo, the title is not considered to affect your website ranking but is used to encourage clicks to your site, much the same as the meta description, I would still have the important keywords in the title but the most important aspect of on page SEO is the H1 Tag, always place your important keywords for each page inside a H1 and you will do ok.

You should use something like Google Keyword Planner which is free to see what sort of volume a specific keyword is getting or a variety of keywords, make sure what you are targeting at least has a decent amount of searches…

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Whether it will improve your ranking will entirely depend on your target keyword and it’s search volume. Like @SpanishCostas said, use Google Keyword Planner and look it up.
Also, if “Buy Android App Installs” is your main keyword, I’d recommend putting it at the start of your title instead.

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Always a good idea to put your important keywords first if possible although I think Google may place the site title before on a one page website in some circumstances.

that’s an extremely competitive niche, 1 one page site is going to need some big links to get seen in search…

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@NehaSaxena Surely, It will affect your SERP ranking. Not much. Because Already I am having experience in that for my blog. Even though I haven’t changed targeted KWs in Meta title, description and H1, H2 tags, ranking drop occurs

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Thank you to all.

first of all thank you to give me a such great information.

if i’m not start my title “Buy Android App Installs” keyword but the keyword are include in title. so result are same?

for example,

Title :- Get App installs | Buy Android App Installs, Rating and Reviews
Buy Android App Installs | Get App installs, Rating and Reviews

is there any affect ranking?

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We can’t assure anything @NehaSaxena.

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