Change code affect to ranking of website?

because server error, my code is lose, so i up old code, title and keyword is change. and now, ranking is reduce. from top 3 –> top 28 with key word “zippo”. how to get old ranking? hic hic. please help me !

Just make sure you pages produce valid HTML. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl.

Beyond that, you’re never guaranteed a spot in search rankings. Any number of factors could be in play–key words, backlinks, age of the content, the number of click throughs in the search engine…etc.

No not at all. Change in codes hardly effects on website rank. But do sure you are not making any changes in your url’s & optimize the sitemap wisely with valid codes. So that search engine would not get any difficulty while searching.

i change url, title and key word in 3day, then, it back the first. but rank of keyword website is down, hic hic

First of all, make sure you have got the same content and meta data on this code. So that Google does not see any difference in it. Change it asap, so that in the next crawl your website looks same to Google.