Title and keywords changes

few days ago i was changed my site page title and keywords. and now am getting low traffic from search, mostly my site visitors comes from google.
page title and keywords changed it means its effect my Search traffic ?

Give it a few weeks and see if traffic levels pick up. When you make any major SEO changes to your site, you can expect your position in the SERPs to drop temporarily, while the search engines sort themselves out and decide where your site fits into the bigger picture. After that, they should pick up again.

what keywords or title have you changed to? and what is the original title tag? What keywords give you the most traffics from your google analytics results?

a talking about meta title and keywords, as long one year before i was set the meta title and keywords but some experts suggested me to change your meta title and keywords for better position on google, but after changing am geting low traffic, it will be fine after few days ? or let me replace me old meta title and keywords ?

Page Titles are high value ranking items for search engines.

The keywords (i’m making the assumption you’re talking about meta keywords) are relatively ignored. If you’re talking about actual content keywords, then you’re really digging yourself a hole.

Any reason for your “changing stuff” strategy?

old title tag: Latest indian And Pakistani Music
New title Tag: Download Free Indian and Pakistani Songs
Old Keywords: latest music, indian music, bollywood music, free music <– these are important keywords i was used, i got trafific from these keywords,
new keywords are: download free music, download indian songs, download pakistani songs.