Why my new blog is not crawled by google?

I have submitted the URL in GSC 4 times but it’s showing an error.
and not getting indexed. I am trying to index the URL for the last 1 week.

Please help me the error as it’s not getting crawled?

Hi @info3235 — Are you following the advice listed here (such as the first option)?

How to submit URLs to Google

“Showing an error”… can you be… any more specific?

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@ralphm thank you for the blog suggestion but I m submitting the same way but not indexing and showing an error.

Did you read post #3?

but mine is bit different it’s not recognizing url but i hav edone it all right.

yaa, I am attaching the ss of error please have a look.

so Googlebot hasnt crawled the site yet. You’ll have to wait until the bot crawls the page and processes it.

how much time it will take to crawl it because it has been over 2 weeks and still has not crawled.

4 weeks 12 days 52 hours 77 minutes and 99 seconds.

No, seriously. Noone can tell you the answer to that question. Weeks, months, depends on Googlebot and whatever prioritization/sorting algorithms it uses.

You can add a sitemap to Google Search Console to accelerate Or use dedicated plateform to index your URL quickly i.e indexmenow.com

If it’s not happening via Search Console, I don’t see how any third party tools is going to force Google’s arm.
Google will index if and when it chooses to.

That isn’t an error as such. It is just informing you that the URL is not indexed.

I’m quite sure the URL Inspection tool asks you not to submit numerous times.

Submitting a page multiple times will not change its queue position or priority.

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